Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Setp 29th lesson plans 2010-2011 school year

Matteo-7th grade:

Copywork assignment-The Lord's Prayer

Math assignment-5 minute Drill sheet
Worksheet from Math U See workbook
Prime Factorization video
complete prime trees worksheet

Note: the extra video and worksheet assignment is so that I may check this off of our course of study list.

French assignment-Lesson 1-4 on Hop, skip and sing french cd. Write words in french for lesson 4.

Social Studies assignment-First three chapters of the book Boy of The Painted Caves, do written narration on first three chapters. 

Nature Journal assignment-Nature walk on looking for sings of fall. We will look for any signs of fall and kids will record in nature journal.

Language Arts assignment-One lesson in Rod N Staff English.

Computer assignment-load Storytelling ALICE and get familiar.

Nicko 3rd grade

Copywork assignment-The Lords Prayer

Language arts assignment-one story in Mcguffey's 3rd reader.
complete lesson on page 16 of Pinneo's Primary Grammar 
complete fall words worksheet

French assignment-do lesson 1-4 in Hop, skip and sing french cd

Math assignment-one lesson in Math U See

Nature Journal assignment-do nature walk looking for signs of fall and recording findings.

Social Studies assignment-Read pages 1-7 of The Discovery of The Americas book and color worksheet 1
complete clay model of land bridge and do ice demonstration

Computer assignment-Dancemat Typing 

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