Sunday, August 30, 2009

Resources for August 31st through Sept 4th

Bible and world religions

HarperCollins study bible
Kids Book Of World Religions


The Hobbit
Plutarch's Lives volume 1 (using for copy work)

Reading and Phonics

AlphaPhonics for Nicko


Matteo-Robert Frost Reader
Nicko-My Dog Might Be A Genius


Shakespeare Can Be Fun! A Midsummer Night's Dream for kids


Texas-Sea To Shining Sea series (ours is not paperback but a hardback from the library)
Outline maps from Power Practice


A Young People's History of the United States

Foreign Language

French-Hop Skip and Sing French
Play and Learn French

Spanish-Play and Learn Spanish


Wildlife Watching With Charles Eastman


Rod and Staff English for matteo


Math U See I use this for both boys

Almost all of these except for the outline maps, English and Math are on loan from the Library! Free is cool!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our new homeschool blog

I wanted to keep track of our school year-and what better way than by using a blog. This year we have a new schedule, along with mixing the Charlotte Mason methos into our schooling where we can. For any new homeschoolers who would like to follow what we are doing-I am going to add my lesson plans soon. :)

Our Schedule:

7:30 -bible and world religions

7:40- Literature

8:10- Matteo creative writing mon and thur-handwriting and spelling on tues, wed and friday
Nicko-Reading and phonics

8:30- Poetry, on mon, wed and fri
Shakespeare on tues and thur

8:40-Geography on mon and wed
History on tues, thurs, and fri

9:00-French lesson (spanish is with their dad after dinner)

9:20-Art appreciate mon and thurs
Music appreciation tues and fri
Library on Wed

9:40-Science mon, tues, thur and fri
Library on wed

10:20-Preschool mon, tues, thurs and fri
Matteo and Nicko do copywork

10:50-Grammar instruction for Matteo

11:00-Grammar/English work for Matteo on mon, tues, thurs, fri
Library on wed

11:20-Matteo, math on mon, tues, thurs, and fri.