Monday, August 24, 2009

Our new homeschool blog

I wanted to keep track of our school year-and what better way than by using a blog. This year we have a new schedule, along with mixing the Charlotte Mason methos into our schooling where we can. For any new homeschoolers who would like to follow what we are doing-I am going to add my lesson plans soon. :)

Our Schedule:

7:30 -bible and world religions

7:40- Literature

8:10- Matteo creative writing mon and thur-handwriting and spelling on tues, wed and friday
Nicko-Reading and phonics

8:30- Poetry, on mon, wed and fri
Shakespeare on tues and thur

8:40-Geography on mon and wed
History on tues, thurs, and fri

9:00-French lesson (spanish is with their dad after dinner)

9:20-Art appreciate mon and thurs
Music appreciation tues and fri
Library on Wed

9:40-Science mon, tues, thur and fri
Library on wed

10:20-Preschool mon, tues, thurs and fri
Matteo and Nicko do copywork

10:50-Grammar instruction for Matteo

11:00-Grammar/English work for Matteo on mon, tues, thurs, fri
Library on wed

11:20-Matteo, math on mon, tues, thurs, and fri.

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