Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elementary and 6th grade Spanish and French week 1-3

Just like geography, I've been very satisfied with how little time it can take to teach a foreign language. I use just 20 minutes.

I don't know about anyone else but it can seem daunting to teach foreign language when you aren't fluent yourself, but I think slow and steady wins the race. This year we aren't just concentrating on basic Spanish and French, but writing and reading basic Spanish and French.

This year is the same, we have Spanish Monday and Tuesday's, with French being Thursdays and Fridays. We will start slowly and add some first readers in as we get used to our new schedule.

I should add, on days we do French, I wake the kids up and give morning instructions In French, and the same for days we do Spanish. I add new phrases and questions as the week goes along. You can use a translator to easily find these phrases to immerse your kids in the language they are learning. Just be sure if there is a masculine or feminine, you are using the correct phrase.

Monday and Tuesday--will repeat both days.

Buenos Dias song 3x

A Comer song 3x

Learn to write numbers 1-5 worksheet

Learn to write colors worksheet

Wednesday and Thursday--will repeat both days.

French Greeting song

Learn to write numbers 1-5 worksheet 

Learn to write colors worksheet

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