Thursday, August 29, 2013

Copywork Elementary and 6th grade week 1

I love copywork. I've used it to teach my oldest two the order of the Presidents, body parts, grammar, and much more. I also use this thirty minutes to pick up two rooms 5 minutes a piece, load the dishwasher from breakfast and clean the counters and prep lunch and dinner if I didn't already put something in the crockpot.

For the elementary kids-this week we will do 30 minutes of copywork using Bob Book words.

 I found Bob Books last year and just love them. We got started, but because we took a summer break it fell to the wayside. So, this will be good review for my two 2nd graders, and 1st grader and be good for my 4 year old who wasn't interested in school last year.

Their first week will be easy, and I will add on as the weeks pass. 

Elementary copywork week 1:


Copy the words Mat, Sat, Sam, On, the, end, onto lined slateboards 4x each
(should finish early and can do puzzles)

6th grade copywork week 1:

For my 6th grader, I wanted something different to start out this year. If you've never heard of the public school teacher Ron Clark, you should. He has a great book called The Essential 55. While I'm not raising kids to conform--Ron Clark's rules can also apply to homeschoolers. The rules are about more than your standard classroom rules, and can be used for when they get a job or go to college, or apply in public. It's just good solid advice and also could complete Good Citizenship requirements if you have to meet those.

Monday and Friday:
(has wednesday off for watching documentary)

Write rules 1-5

Tuesday and Thursday:
Write rules 6-11

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