Monday, August 26, 2013

American Literature Week One

 Week one of American Literature: CLEP study

Note: I'll come back and add the rest later.

Language Arts


Get printed timeline : use hole punch and put in timeline section of three ring binder. for LA
3 min

Open Outline Of American Literature Book: Read to page 4(says 5 on counter at top) and stop at left side on Literature Of Exploration.
10 minutes

Go to American Lit and Comp: Read page one.
Under Key Terms: Copy each one on the first page of your American Lit notebook.
11 min

Note: DO NOT go to reading assignment or project at bottom of page yet.

Next: Complete pages two and three on ALC:
Turn Question For Thought in to your assessment folder and call me to check your quiz.
65 min

Go to American Passages and watch video on Native Voices.
30 min


Go to CLEP flashcards: Read all 36 authors and their works. Make a note of where you leave off if you don't finish. Keep a paper with the date and where you leave off each time.
5 min

Open Outline of American Literature book: Read from page 4: Literature of Exploration to page 7, stopping at Anne Bradstreet.
20 min

Go to American Lit and Comp: Read page 4. Videos do not work--that is OK. For the reading assignment click here. Do not use one on page. Except Of Plymouth Plantation
10 min

Watch video on William Bradford
5 min

Go to quizzes. Take first one on William Bradford. Stop when it gives you the score so I can record it.
5 minutes

Get out your American Lit notebook: Go to 39 questions. Make sure to save at least four consecutive pages for this project. Write questions 1-6, Click on "show answer" on the left side bar.
20 min

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