Sunday, September 8, 2013

American Literature week 2

This week, I could not get the resources together in time to do The Crucible, so I decided to do Last of the Mohicans. I don't think it will matter too much for the CLEP test if we have to go back though.

Note: I'll fill in for rest of the week tomorrow. Teacher resources at bottom of page. 

Language Arts

Go over chapter 1 vocabulary
3 minutes

Listen to audio book of The Last of the Mohicans, follow along in book. Starts at 10:45. Do not close-will continue with chapter 2 after quiz.
29 minutes

Take chapter 1 quiz
3 minutes

Study chapter 2 vocabulary
 3 min

Listen and follow along to chapter 2.
starts at 38:58 ends at 1:00:00
22 minutes

Take chapter 2 quiz
3 min

Grammar: lessons in workbook
Spelling: lessons in workbook


Go over chapter 3 vocabulary
3 min

Listen to audio book of The Last of the Mohicans, follow along in book. Starts at 10:45. Do not close--will continue with chapter 4 after quiz.
Starting point: 1:00:00
Ends: 12:24:03

Take chapter 3 quiz
3 min

Study chapter 4 vocabulary

Listen and follow along to chapter 4
starting point 12:24:03
ends; 1:47:09

Take chapter 4 quiz

Grammar and Writing: workbook
Spelling workbook


Special Note: Language arts will be done 7:00 to 9:00 for Library time.

Go over chapter 5 vocabulary
3 min

Listen to audio book of The Last of the Mohicans chapter 5
Starting point
end: part one video

take chapter 5 test

Go over chapter 6 vocabulary

Listen and follow along to chapter 6
ends: 29:43

take chapter 6 quiz

Teacher resources: 

 To make the quizzes on TestMaker I'm using SparkNotes. It is easy to make some multiple choice and true or false questions using this. I also use at least 4 to 6 vocabulary words from the flashcards and do a matching on the quiz. Easy peasy!

LA and Math Elementary and 6th grade

Your not going to see any posts from me with specific lesson plans on LA and Math for Elementary and 6th grade.

About our math: If you go to my schedule here, you'll notice that in that hour block I teach both my 6th grader and my elementary kids, just giving instruction at different times.

I start my 6th grader off doing XtraMath. I have him do 15 minutes of this. It is great for making sure kids know their basic facts. Be sure to sign up with a parent account and they send you daily emails with details of what your child has done, and how proficient they are growing.I also use Khan academy.

For him, I am using Saxon math, so for another fifteen minutes he will do some of the 'Odd' number problems that I have circled. If you know Saxon math, you know it's thorough, but A LOT of math problems. Don't do them all. I circle the one's I want him to do in RED, and when I need him to review I circle numbers in BLUE. So, for the first 30 min he is doing review and getting those basic facts down.

For my elementary kids, math is just 30 min long. If they need extra help on a concept I will go over it with them during One on One time, that I explain on my schedule post. I will keep notes throughout the day and what kid needs extra help in what subject.

For elementary math, I am using Math Expressions by Houghton Mifflin, just because I found the teacher and student books for under five dollars--can't beat that, and so far it seems to be a good solid program.

 About Language Arts:

I teach Language arts for 6th and elementary at separate times.

I am using Glencoe Treasures for both grades. Again, these were resources I picked up with the teacher books, student books and all the workbooks for around 50 dollars at a teacher store. OMG though--because this is a popular public school curriculum, all you have to do is google "2nd grade treasures, teacher resources," or "6th grade treasures, teacher resources," and you will find a PLETHORA of lesson plans put together with interactive white board lessons and vocabulary cards, just everything you could possibly think of to easily make lesson plans. So far, I've had a BLAST using the internet to make these lessons plans, and while I wouldn't recommend these to an inexperienced homeschooler, I would if you're experienced or have some experience with working with public school curriculum.

I didn't just choose this program because it's inexpensive--but for several reasons. My 6th grader--I didn't teach him to read until he was eight. With him, he has dysgraphia which he was diagnosed with and suspected dyslexia. I decided to unschool him, and have most of his life. He naturally picked up numbers, letters and because I didn't push, I FIRMLY believed that is why he is now very successful. So successful that one year I was going to do an online public school academy and he was placed in a gifted and talented program.

He needs to be challenged and this curriculum while intensive, also gives many resources for gifted and talented students.

For my elementary kids, I find that I can use this for my 2 second graders, and use the 'approaching' workbooks for my 1st grader and even my 4 year old can take part in the instruction part and some of the worksheets. It works out perfect for everyone. 

US AP History week 2


English Colonies 1600-1615

Go over Chapter 2 Objectives.

Watch all of chapter 2 lesson four.
15 min

On notebook paper click on the timeline at the end of the lesson. Use map pencils for color.  Place behind chapter 1 timeline.
10 min

On separate notebook paper click on chapter 2. copy the info on the 13 colonies.
10 min

Watch all of chapter 2 lesson five
15 min

On notebook paper click on the timeline at the end of the lesson. Use map pencils for color. Place in timeline.
10 min

Read chapter 3 of Lies My Teacher Told Me.
rest of classtime


Click on Chapter 2 flashcards
5 min

On Netflix, watch National Geographic: Jamestown

Watch slide on DBQ's

Start on this easy unit on DBQ's-do as much as class time allows

Homework: Study AP flashcards
15 min

Work 30 min on DBQ unit


No AP History--Library Day. Do homework--same as Tuesday and Wednesday.


Chapter 2 flashcards:
5 min

Read Jane's Story and watch video.
5 min

Watch youtube lecture on Plymouth plantation
40 min

Choose three people of Plymouth to read about
15 min

Read Chapter 2 of American Pageant
Rest of class period

Study AP Flashcards
15 min

Work 30 min on DBQ unit: Due on Monday morning


Chapter 2 flashcards

Watch all of Lesson 6 then complete timeline at end.

Complete Chapter 2 test.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Sniffling Snafu

Sigh. Just when you think you are ahead--the dreaded germs invade your home. I have four sick kiddos with strep throat. :( My big kid is even too sick to do school, and he will usually do his schoolwork through a cold.

So, I'm considering this week a teacher planning week. I will try to get way ahead in my lesson plans. My oldest will read Last Of The Mohicans as his first literature book, and hopefully next week everyone will be well and ready for school.

And fingers crossed this mama doesn't get sick!