Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September lesson plans

We are sort of in limbo for the month of September until we get our books shipped to us. We do however have a lot of stuff to do. For instance the kids will be getting ready for a few contests for the local Renaissance festival so I have decided to list those. Don't you just LOVE the Internet? Even when our books come in I will supplement with the great lessons plans, videos, and information you can find online. I love that with homeschooling we can use all forms of media to enhance learning.

Both kids will continue their regular grammar and math lessons. We will add the lessons below as well.

Language Arts:

Combined for Matteo 7th grade and Nicko 3rd grade in order to get ready for poetry contest

What is a simile

writing poetry like pro's

all together now

Expository lesson plan

expository lesson

examples of expository essays


How to draw a midevil knight

How to draw a castle

I will add more links if I find anything interesting!

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