Sunday, September 12, 2010

as if I am not busy enough-I gave birth!

I spent the week looking up homeschool blogs. I love reading any blog, but when I am sitting around at the end of the day my favorite thing to do is to read blogs by other homeschoolers. So, I got this idea....

There are all kind of avenue's to form a homeschool blog, sometimes I miss out on good blogs because of the variety of ways of getting your blog out. I also though have favorite sites not related to homeschooling that I have always admired for how they bring all these blogs together and feature bloggers, like SITS and FoodGawker. Using these as inspiration, I wanted a place similar for homeschool blogs....and thus Homeschool Blog Parade was born! I love the idea of featuring a new homeschool family every week. I intend to buy a nifty new templete and blog button to spruse up the site, and have featured topics and fun giveaways! I hope if you have a homeschool blog that you will join in the parade!

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