Friday, September 3, 2010

On my end of September wish list

I'm so excited, it is getting close that I will be able to order the books I want for the kids. I have SO many plans that I just had to share. :_)


Unit- Heridity and genetics

Text book I hear really good things about this series Science Explorer by Prentice Hall, I will be using these mostly this year.

DVD Wow, this is cool! I'm not sure I can get this too, but it would be a great additions. It's on my wish list!

Very excited about this unit. We will be extracting DNA from fruit for the labs, and the unit project will be to build a double Helix.

Social Studies:
Unit-Prehistoric People's

The Boy of the Painted Cave will use for enrichment and Dar and the Spear Thrower

EyeWitness: Prehistoric Life

EyeWitness: Early Humans


Unit Project-Take part in the Genographic study! this will tie into our genetics unit in Science too.

Language Arts:

This year I have decided to switch to Lightning Literature I love that they are reading whole books and not snippets.

We will stick to Rod N Staff for our grammar portion of Language Arts


Sticking to Math U See


Building The Total Athlete

Teen Health

Teen Health workbook

Ethics/Good citizenship:

What Do You Stand For?

The Teen Guide To Global Action



Social Studies:
Discovery of the Americas unit-

The Discovery of the Americas

I plan on using this whole series for Nicko in Social Studies this year!

Animal classification

Animal classification lapbook

National Geographic, Animal Encyclopedia

Language Arts:

McGuffey Readers
old right? But for some reason Nicko just loves these. I'm really not sure what the appeal is for him, he just says he likes them. You can get these online for free, but I would really like to have the hard copy version.

Pinneo's Primmary Grammar again, and old one. We are using the online version because it is free of mistakes. I think possibly Nicko likes these because the style is sort of Charlottle Mason like in their approach.

McGuffey's Spelling

A Reason for Handwriting cursive


Continue to use Math U See

Note: I will add to this list as I find things.


  1. We've used three different Lightning Lit courses and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I love how they are laid out so you know exactly what to do each week and their book pics are usually pretty good (some exceptions).

  2. Oh good. I don't think I've ever known anyone who actually used these. You can read some samples at their site, and they sounded just perfect. For Matt I'm trying to add as much reading as possible where I can, since that is what he loves.