Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm a public school teacher now

I'm a public school teacher now, at least to my own kids.

It all started around July. I was in a panic because I realized there was no way we could afford curriculum. Rob, the hubby and I-always said that if we could not afford curriculum, we would put the kids in public school. (I said that, but no way would I actually willingly do it!)

I think I googled "free homeschool curriculum," and came across an ad for two Texas virtual academy's. The K12 site said they were booked for the year, but the Texas Connections Academy was not. I reluctantly started the enrollment process.

This past Monday the kids started their first day of public school at home. The first day was HORRIBLE. We had all kinds of technical glitches, it just took forever for videos to load. And, it was hard getting the hang of online textbooks-we are waiting for the hard copies-the kids were stressed and I was too.

Tuesday was a million times better. Instead of having the kids do school at the same time. I tried helping my eight year old Nicko first, then my 13 year old, Matteo. MUCH better. Wednesday though was back to the blah's. So far it's been a hit or miss.

I feel we have options now though. Rob got a big promotion and after our crappy summer we are finally caught up with bills. I am going to give it till Christmas break (thanks to a friends advice,) and if we just don't like it and it's not for us then I can withdraw them.

I still consider us homeschoolers, and I am finding ways to fill in the gaps I feel are lacking in the textbooks, so check back to see my adjustments!

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