Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 1 lesson plan

Today I consider it our first day of homeschool, and wouldn't you know it. No camera! Rob wanted to take pictures of his job that is a new company...so boo. I'm going to start listing my lessons plans by the week, but today is special. :)

Matteo 7th grade

Math: 1 lesson in Math U See
Language Arts: 1 lesson in Rod N Staff English and
read Different Points of View write a summary based on what you read.
Art study:Medieval and Renaissance Art: Botanical Symbol

Teacher helpers:
Rubric for grading summary
Homeschool tracker for keeping grades, records, and attendance

Nicko 3rd grade

Math: 1 lesson in Math U See
Language Arts:Pinneo's primary grammar of the English language: for beginners
Art study: same at Matteo above

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