Monday, August 30, 2010

The big D-decision that is...

May be the shortest stint in public school. :)

We made the decision and it's no...we just can't do it another day. I think for anyone who is going from public school to a state virtual academy that it would be just fine. I bet they and their child would do great, and the parents would be happy. I don't want to speak for all homeschoolers, but for just will not work.

The whole reason we enrolled was for Matteo, our oldest. He has a dream. He has a real desire and passion to play high school football. His main goals are to play in the NFL and become a writer. He is a smart kid and is realistic about the possibilities, but he is brave enough to go for his dreams. We were hoping the state virtual academy would get him accustomed to traditional curriculum, and helping get him used to state testing.

The problem is, that as homeschoolers we know there is a better design, and for us, it is homeschooling. We know what works for our family, and we do not want to waste anymore time than we have already taken with this.

Just for the record, I wanted to make sure I say that the kids did well in their schooling. They just took the Leap test (not a state requirement but an academy requirement) and both scored 90% and above, the test was on the topics they would cover this that made me feel great! Both kids were also doing well on the daily work, both had 100% in all their subjects-with the exception of Matteo with a B in math.

My husband and I have made some agreements on how there has to be changes made so that Matteo is comfortable when he enters his 9th grade year. I have everything planned though and I will share some of it tomorrow.

I am very relieved and happy with our decision and I can't wait talk about what we will be doing this year!

Happy schooling everyone...however you do it. :)

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