Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer activity 8 and 9

It's hot! So far that is the point that sticks in my mind most about this summer. We've been trying to let the kids play in the mornings and after the sun goes down. In spite of the heat, we decided to brave the zoo. It was a weekday so we did get stuck in traffic for a bit, not too bad and I got to get a few skyline shots. 

The kids had a blast. I made a lunch for everyone of pita sandwiches, couscous and lentil mint salad, an apple and cupcakes. We had snacks of homemade popcorn with peanuts and pickles with cream cheese and lunch meat. The variety kept us from buying concession stand food which saved a lot of money! I even bought little zoo animals at the dollar store which kept us out of the darn expensive gift shops. We ended up spending 25.00 in gas and that's it. Pretty good for entertaining a family of eight. 

Happy birthday America! We celebrated today with food and rest. Our little town does fireworks on the third of July, so that left time for me to concentrate in the kitchen. A big hit this year was the mini apple pies. I just hollowed out the apples with a spoon, filled with applesauce mixed with cinnamon and a little brown sugar, cut circles out of pre-made pie crust...and tada! Cute little treats!

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