Monday, June 18, 2012

Activity 5, 6, and 7

Wow, what a super busy two weeks. Our most exciting activity was closing on our house! We are super excited. It has great bones but we also get to renovate.

Next, we started and completed our first project. We have a big yard but I wanted a corner off the deck as a hands on discovery center. I took ideas from the Lowe's May creative ideas magazine and ideas from those HGTV yard crashers. The kids love it!

And lastly...I've been searching for an older dog for a while now. Our 1 year old Jersey is rambunctious and an escape artist. She wants to play with other dogs so bad, she goes to great lengths to escape and find other doggies. We knew she'd be too rowdy for a puppy. So along comes Dude a neutered male boxer. He was well taken care of, has great manners and so far it's been great. He is so gentle with the kids and he craves their attention without being annoying or hurting them. He seems to really like out dog Jersey and I have a feeling our house is perfect for him. Yay for everything going great!

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