Monday, July 23, 2012

Activity 10

Our self-imposed summer has just one month to go! I wonder how much stuff we can pack into it?

For activity 10...we went to the beach! It was the first time for all four little marshmallows. They were in awe! Admittedly, I'm super paranoid and even though I surfed as a kid, I don't feel the ocean is for swimming since ours has a very low visibility. I'm a little uncomfortable with the kids going past thigh high and lucky for my comfort level, none of them wanted to test those boundaries. Phew!

We collected shells, sea glass and even hermit crabs that we let go afterwards. We are planning many more trips since we realized we have a beach just an hour away!

Even our dogs got in on the fun. It was exciting that they both gave us no problems on the car ride and they enjoyed walking thru the waves and romping with the kids. This has been the best activity so far!

I'm also starting to plan our school year. I'll make a separate blog soon about which choices I've made for the upcoming year.

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