Friday, November 13, 2015

A big list of gifts to make kids and teens.

If you give gifts for holidays or birthdays, you might enjoy making something homemade for your kids or teens. I have collected these over the years and wanted to share them. I will add to this as I find them. :) Happy Holidays! 

For babies: 

felt ball

soft blocks

Safari blankey note: this is not a tutorial but I was inspired by this to make my own. 

2 to 12 years old

No sew tutus

fairy wings

ribbon streamers note: not a tutorial. just take a wooden dowel, drill a hole for ribbon and top with a wooden topper.

fluffs of playsilks

paper dolls-omg I love these so much. Old fashioned and so cute. I loved paper dolls as a friend. I am going to print off a few pages and then every month let her have a new one.

fishing game-i plan to make a pond and sew lilly pads and frogs on it. I will use a canvas bag to hold it all in.

super hero masks

play tool belt

princess hat

elephant stompers

doorway puppet stage

memory tiles

magic wands

dino hat

treasure pouch necklace

milk crate game lounge note: don't pick these up at the store! You can actually get in trouble for this. We had a store near my parents house and because we know them they gave some to us when they closed down. You can find them at flea markets, all you have to do is hold them together with zip ties:)

Chinese juggling sticks

etched super hero glasses

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