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Lesson Plans week of Nov 15th-19th 2010-2011 school year

Matteo-7th grade:

Mon, Wed, and Friday copywork-Tuesday and Thursday oral memorization
Copywork assignment-Presidents. Write and memorize first 25 presidents, year they started office, and vice president.

Mon, Wed, and Friday
Math assignment-5 minute Drill sheet
Worksheet and lesson from Math U See workbook
Tuesday and Thursday 
Watch one video from Khan Academy practice concepts on paper. 

French assignment-Lesson 1-9  on Hop, skip and sing french cd. Choose one lesson to write out each day.

Mon-Learn mnemonic for remembering order of early man watch 25 min of Ape To Man on Netflix instant play.
Tues-Work on info poster on early man, then 25 min of Ape to Man 
Wed-Copy definitions, then 25 min of Ape To Man video 
Thurs-Work on info poster on early man, then last 25 min of Ape to Man video.
Friday-Quiz on order of early man, definitions and complete self check quiz

Nature Journal assignment-whatever we discover on our walk.

Mon, Wed, Fri
Language Arts assignment-One lesson in Rod N Staff English
Lightning Literature
Mon-Page 23 and 24 in Lightning Literature-intro to Treasure Island. Read vocabulary words for chapters 1-2, then read Chapters 1-2 in book. Complete comprehension questions on page 28.
Tues-Complete Analyzing Setting in Lightening Literature workbook pages 21-22. Read chapter 3 of Treasure Island, then answer comprehension questions on page 28.
Wed-Read Literary Lesson: Setting pages 34-41. Complete Detail In Setting in workbook pages 23-24
Thurs-Complete Treasure Island Word Search in workbook page 38. Read vocabulary for chapters 4-6, then read chapters in book. Complete comprehension questions on page 29.
Fri-Complete Vocabulary quiz for chapters 1-6. Complete workbook page 25 Same Setting: Different Time.

Mon-Write new vocabulary words for Chapter 2 section 1
Autotroph: organism that can make its own food
Photosynthesis: process that makes sugar or glucose for plants                         
Chlorophyll: green material that is needed for photosynthesis
Chloroplast: organelle in plant cell that contains chlorophyll
Heterotroph: organism that cannot make its own food
Energy: the ability to do work or cause change
a simple type of sugar
 read pages 50-54 in Cells and Heredity science book, and complete section review.
Tues-complete pages 20-22 in Cells and Heredity Science workbook 
begin Project 2 pg 49 of science book on plants and light. do a sketchbook drawing of Photosynthesis diagram.
Wed-Vocabulary word: Fermentation: process by which a cell releases energy from food without using oxygen
Respiration: The process by which cells "withdraw" energy from glucose.

 Complete Discover activity on pg 55 in science book. Read pages 55-59, and complete section review. discuss results of Discover activity.
Thurs-Complete pages 23-25 in workbook. Watch short video on respiration-take quiz at end of video
Fri-Take vocabulary quiz work on spreadsheet for chapter 2 project.
Extra Credit: Can complete worksheet1  and worksheet2 extra credit.

Nicko 3rd grade:

Mon, Wed, and Friday copywork-Tuesday and Thursday do oral review
Copywork assignment-Presidents. Write and memorize first 25 presidents, year they started office, and vice president.

Mon-Fri-Language arts assignment-one story in Mcguffey's 3rd reader.
Mon-Learn about verbs page 22. Complete oral lesson 18 Pinneo's Primary Grammar 
Tues-complete lesson 20 on page 24 orally
Wed-read about transitive and intransitive verbs, complete lesson 21 on page 25
Thur-complete lesson 22 on page 25 orally
Fri-do review of what a noun and adjective, and verbs are

French assignment-do lesson 1-9 in Hop, skip and sing french cd.

Math assignment-one lesson in Math U See

Mon-Do activity 7 in Animal Classification Lap Book 
learn mnemonic King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti to remember Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species.
Tues-complete activity 8 in lap book. Visit BioKids critter catalog, and practice classification of at least four animals. 
Wed-complete activity 9 in lap book. Complete Taxonomy worksheet.
Thurs-Go over lap book and review all information, including vocabulary. Go to Scientific Naming lesson, and start using student log in lap book to record animals.
Fri-Taxonomy test

Nature Journal assignment-whatever we discover on our walk.

A note about this months history: I have one of those resources that are the kind a teacher wants to hold onto forever. Funny enough it is published by the National Livestock and Meat board. It has surprisingly little bias. You can see a pic of what the outside of the pack looks like here. It's the Coming To America on the top. I love it because it has detailed information and gorgeous 16x20 study prints.  I will be using this and other material to make a Thanksgiving lapbook.

Social Studies
Mon-Watch Jamestown on netflix-for pre intro to pilgrim studies.
Tues-Look at Study sheet 1 in Coming To America pack and answer questions on sheet-glue route map into lap book. Read background information on Study print 1-Read Pilgrims Progress on sheet 2-answer comprehension questions.
Wed-Study sheet 3 on diagram of Mayflower ship. Start Vocabulary pocket for lapbook, write vocabulary and add to pocket.
Thurs-Read background info on study print 2. Complete supply list activity.
Fri-Nico completes mini book to add to lap book.



Mon, Wed, Fri- Begin to learn lyrics to 'A Few of My Favorite Things,' and 'A Winter's Carol,' and 'Jingle Bell/One horse open sleigh.'

Tues, Thus-Our community service project. Make Thanksgiving place mats for seniors in assisted living home-will do this till week before Thanksgiving. 

Preschool Lesson Plans, Zander, Zoe, and Lilly:

Morning Circle Time

calendar time
Weather discussion
Left Hand Right Hand song

Do memory rings in alphabet, numbers 1-30, colors, shapes, address, phone numbers

Pumpkin Stories

 Preschool songs
Five Little Turkeys 
Five little turkeys by the barn door,
One waddled off, then there were four.
Four little turkeys out under the tree,
One waddled off, then there were three.
Three little turkeys with nothing to do.
One waddled off, then there were two.
Two little turkeys in the noonday sun,
One waddled off, then there was one.
One little turkey - better run away!
Soon will come Thanksgiving Day.

 Thanksgiving song 
Sung to: "Twinkle, Twinkle little star"

Thank you, thank you, very much
For everything that I can touch..
Thanks a lot for nature’s food.
And for when I’m feeling good.
Thank you, thank you very much.
For moms and dads and friends and such.


Nursery Rhyme Jack Be Nimble

Play time and tv time

Zoie and Zander 20 min each individual instruction-Lilly after her nap
Traceable A worksheet
Tracebale 1 worksheet
Counting 1 practice worksheet 
Scissor Skill worksheet 
Big and Little worksheet

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