Friday, February 13, 2015

Kindergarten-3rd grade Lesson Plans February 16-March 6th.

What do I love more than pulling resources to plan a curriculum? A curriculum already to go and put together in a packet. I could never use a boxed curriculum, but one that lasts for a few weeks..I'm all over that. And so--for our next lesson plans we have the USDA and a friend to thank for sharing, We will be doing the CHOOSEMYPLATE.GOV packet. It comes in different levels, has emergent readers, workbooks, posters, teacher training and teacher curriculum. It even comes with a events idea booklet. We will be writing, reading, cooking and learning everything from Language arts, health to Science. I also love, that because it comes in different levels, I can pull from them to double the lessons and provide a challenge for the older kids.

Other resources:

Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum

Curricula And Lesson Plans

Sources of Nutrition Education Curriculum

My Plate Kids Place

Order Forms: IT'S FREE!!!!!

Teacher made sources:

Learning Zone

My Plate Project Menu

My Plate Collage

Check back--I'll add to this as I find, and list my own ideas as I think of them.

Disclaimer: Go over the lesson plans in advance. I plan on telling the kids that while this is a recommendation--we eat less grains and try for more nutritionally dense foods.

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